Welcome to D SPORTS!!
We are providing high quality plain jersey and equipment for all sports.

Origin of our logo”D” is from ”Discovery”, ”Develop” , ”Delightful” and Morse Code.

Discovery: Discover the world of sports. Explore the colorful and bright side of all active sports. Through sports we discover friends, responsibility, and participation with others, as well as gaining knowledge of the game. Pursue your dreams, and let your free spirit soar and become amazing.

Develop: Develop the skills of sports, become a team player as you build your strength and agility. As we play sports you make friends and develop relationships. We obtain energy and stamina to become stronger to work harder to be the best.

Delightful: Delightfulness is all around you in the world of sports. Sports bring so much joy to people who play them. There is an interest that connects people of all cultures around the world to play sports which is why it’s so fun and engaging for all.

Morse code: Our logo “D” is in Morse code which mimics a letter or word, in a way to send a message of communication over long distances, which is why Morse code and global sports go hand in hand. It offers individual character to define us as unique. Also as well as being used as a fun way to represent sports and how it’s dots and dashes send a message of wise spread correspondence.

We are looking forward to see the people are having fun by using our jerseys!!


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